Model Mayhem

My first official tip for you!

(I must admit: I’m a little proud)

A month ago, I discovered the website ModelMayhem, a place where photographers, makeup artists and models of all shapes and sizes can meet.
Any one can sign up: for aspiring models, all you have to do is give all the general information you usually put on a social media page, but also a minimum of 4 photos as well as information you would normally put in your “book” (height, shoe size, clothes size, color of hair and eyes, etc…). Then your profile must be approved by the moderators but once it is you’re good to go explore the profiles of other members, the casting calls, the forums which contain precious tips on the modeling world, etc…
Only hiccup, the website is entirely in English (for all of us non-native anglophones) and the majority of offers are international or based in Paris. But lucky me, a community of MM models and photographers does exist in Lyon. My upcoming photos – soon to be posted on the blog – were the result of photoshoots set up through ModelMayhem.
Here’s a little screenshot so you can see the website’s layout and my own ModelMayhem profile for those of you who are curious.

Screen shot modelmayhem

Stay tuned for the chronicles of a modeling baby,

Amylie, lost in Lyon and on ModelMayhem !


One response to “Model Mayhem

  1. Model Mayhem really is great, back in my days as a makeup artist I found collaborations through there, Good luck in your continued journey! 🙂

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