Wedding photoshoot in Paris (part 1) …

… or the sacrifice of one’s health on the altar of modeling !

Thanks to ModelMayhem‘s networking system, I was able to participate in my first real photoshoot for the website Amore&Weddings (site in construction) with Linda Scuizzato. And it was a real thrill ! However, as the blog’s concept is “Amylie in Lyon”, some might consider it a heresy to have accepted a photoshoot in Paris – but you won’t mind will you?

Modeling in a wedding gown in Montmartre during the month of February is equivalent to inviting all the winterly illness of the world into your home (which by some miracle I managed not to catch) , but it was a real challenge and completely worthwhile.

Note to self though : if you’re dating someone, be sure to ask them beforehand where the limits are. My boyfriend wasn’t too happy when he saw the picture of me fake-kissing another model (I do wish to insist yet again on the nature of the kiss you shall see below : utterly fake!). Beware girls, the quest of modeling is a hard one: you’re bound to upset someone at some point.

Anyhow, the first pictures of the photoshoot were quite spectacular – if I may say so myself : 

Amore&Weddings Linda ScuizzatoAmore&Weddings Linda Scuizzatoamore&weddings 1Amore&Weddings Linda ScuizzatoAmore&Weddings Linda ScuizzatoAmore&Weddings Linda ScuizzatoAmore&Weddings Linda ScuizzatoAmore&Weddings Linda Scuizzato

Photographer : Linda Scuizzato Fashion Photographer

MUA : Deborah

Models : Yours Truly and Baptiste

Did you manage to find me amongst the models? More later !

Amylie – lost in Lyon and freezing to death in Paris.


One response to “Wedding photoshoot in Paris (part 1) …

  1. An artist is bound to step on some toes at some point 😉 Just do what you feel is right and everything else will be OK. lovely pictures..

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