Max Chaoul – a wedding dress for every decade

A model must be graceful at all times. A model will occasionally be rejected. Here I am, gracefully accepting rejection.

So I’d been pretty excited these past few days, because I thought I was going to model for my favorite lyonnais-bred designer, Max Chaoul. Turns out they picked another girl, but could I pretty please stay available in case one of their models drop out? I decided not to be sour about it and gracefully accept the opportunity to stand in for their first-choice model, if ever there was the need. I even decided to feature the brand on my blog, because rejection is also part of the modeling experience, and anyways I adore his creations.

Max Chaoul’s 2013 concept is a collection of dresses sorted out by decade, inspired by emblematic women of that time and named after them. Here are my favorites :


Paulette, 1920


Gloria, 1930


Lana, 1940


Elizabeth, 1950


Romy, 1960


Charlotte, 1970


Kirsten, 1980



Assunta, 2000


Katy, 2013

Stay tuned for the chronicles of a modeling baby,

Amylie, lost in Lyon.


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