Fashion photographers – what’s their deal?

So fashion photographers….

I can’t say I’ve met that many, but even so, the few I’ve met have lodged this question in my mind: what’s their deal?

photographerSome are adorable and passionate about their work. And working with them is the bomb. Take that fashion shoot I did in Paris, Linda Scuizzato was an angel: encouraging and sweet. She hardly ever pointed out the bad stuff in my posing and facial expressions, but only encouraged the positive aspects. Not once did she yell at me or the male model for giggling like school kids when we had to fake a kiss or act like a married couple, when we’d only met an hour before. Not a single comparison was made between me and the other, more professional female models.

Now I’m not saying that photographers are meant to baby their models. We’re adults, we can stand criticism. But the amateur models, who aren’t being paid for their work, who never pretended to be on the same level as agency models, should at least be treated with a little respect and not like scum.

I had the misfortune of meeting this French “photographer”  to discuss a project that we might work on together. He’s 24, a student in a business school, no credentials whatsoever in photography (which honest to god I don’t care about – you don’t need to go to school to be a photographer) and he gives ME crap for not being a “real model” because I’m not agency bound. His model friend/assistant – agency bred of course – goes on and on about all his famous model friends and how “really, there’s just no comparison”.

And I could go on because I have other examples of rude photographers but I hate super long posts (I never read over 400 words, I confess). So if anyone can answer this question, I’d be delighted to read your opinion on the subject.

Stay tuned for the chronicles of a modeling baby,

Amylie, lost in Lyon and confused by photographers.


3 responses to “Fashion photographers – what’s their deal?

  1. I have to say I’ve met a few of those myself , sometimes its just because their job really goes to their head. On the other side of the coin sometimes when a fashion photographer is so use to people who know all their angles and how to play with the camera. When the come a situation where they have to “nurture the model” it can be a little taxing if you’re not use to it. And sometime people can act a little unprofessional when stressed out. And a little off the point but in this particular situation what didn’t you expect , you said he’s French, he was just acting normal 😛

  2. in my opinion a professional (in any field) should be polite. sometimes really well known people get carte blanche to behave however they want because, well, they’re famous. but that’s not the norm, nor should it be. a smile and an encouraging word goes a long way to make the rest of the creative team feel at ease and to perform their best 🙂

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