Galadrielle H. (or my counter-example of the dumb model stereotype)

Models are not dumb. If you think that, you’ve probably just met the wrong ones.

According to general opinion, models are ethereal beauties with underdeveloped brains who resort to modeling because there are no other opportunities for them in life. Now, I wish I could have used myself as a counter-example to this statement, but I hardly qualify as a model yet and I have yet to prove myself in my future field of work. So, pass.

The counter-example I have chosen is Galadrielle H. whom I met 2 years ago, in Lyon (largely qualifying her for a featured article on my blog then !). She was the one who told me about the ModelMayhem website and has always answered any questions I had about modeling.

So I consider myself as a pretty tall girl (1m75, which is… 5’9″ if I’m not mistaken) but this girl still manages to make me green with jealousy with her 5’11” (most of which are legs – again to my great envy). In short: she’s got a killer body, hair to die for, incredible charisma, and everything that screams model when you meet her. The girl you usually love to hate. But in this case, you just can’t. Because looks aren’t the only thing she has going for her: she’s sweet, funny AND smart (now we’re getting to the counter-example part).

Galadrielle is, when she’s not modeling, somewhat of an international business woman. Straight after graduating from the ISEG business school (which has a pretty good reputation in France), she worked for the Ireland France Chamber of Commerce for two years, and then went on to work for companies such as Apple and Dell (where she currently works). She is fluent in three languages and is gifted with great conversational and people skills.

And now here are some pictures of the lovely Galadrielle (plenty more from where that came from on her ModelMayhem profile)…


Not all models are dumb blonds who flunked high school and resorted to using there looks to start a career.

Stay tuned for the chronicles of a modeling baby,

Amylie, lost in Lyon.


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