A fun combination of communication and modeling – with Dagobear

A week ago, I was given the opportunity to combine two worlds in my life.

For those who haven’t read the “about me” section of this blog, I am currently studying communication in Lyon so I can someday become a press secretary. It’s been three years now, only two left to go before I get my master’s degree and start the despairing job quest. But for now, I’m three weeks away from my finals, juggling photo shoots and school projects… and combining them.

Dagobear Calecons FAs a part of my third year program, I work with four other classmates as a micro-agency (there’s a project manager, a creative director, a research and managing team, and me, the press secretary). In November, we had to find a client for this agency who pays the school a ridiculously low sum of money for us to work on their communication needs.

Since November, I’ve been working for the parisian start-up in masculine underwear, Dagobear (check out their website, their products are pretty cool actually, though I’m more of boxer’s girl myself). And two weeks ago, my project manager decided that we should organize a photoshoot for some recent shots of their products, because their last ones are getting a bit old. Guess who was asked to model?

I’ll be posting the pictures of that photoshoot soon – though the photographer kept asking me to put my hair in front of my eyes or turn my head the other way so as to keep the attention on the briefs – but I thought it was interesting how those two worlds in my life could just be combined for a photoshoot.

Can’t wait to see if my bosses recognize me on the pictures – they still have no idea that it’s their little student press secretary who modeled for their products. Their reaction should be fun!

Stay tuned for the chronicles of a modeling baby,

Amylie, lost in Lyon and caught in her underpants.


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