Indecent and ridiculous propositions on ModelMayhem

pervy photographerCreeps are all over the web.

I’m not one to be pessimistic usually, I’m a fairly trusting person. But please, when a photographer you’ve never met says that your first meeting for a photoshoot should be in hotel room that the model (me) would pay for (as well as paying for his travel expenses) this does not scream trustworthy.

When he then goes on to describe the photoshoot, stating that we should “start with some portraits, then glamorous shots in a sexy dress, ending with shots in a thong or in the nude”, I start hoping that this is a bad joke. 

This encounter took place on the website ModelMayhem. There are bound to be a few creeps for every real and qualified photographer, so I’m not ready to dismiss the site just yet, as I’ve met some very interesting people thanks to it. But while I am not desperate for my big break in modeling, some girls might consider this sort of offer because they are. Desperate. For all I know, the guy was a legit photographer, and not some random pervert roaming the internet for new victims.

But the fact remains, whatever his profession : he was a creep. And I find the concept of photographers using their status and position to prey on young and desperate girls simply despicable. Disgusting. Immoral. The list goes on…

So girls, beware again. Always double check with a friend or family member if an offer seems slightly off. And casting calls or offers filled with spelling errors should tip you off : creep alert !

Stay tuned for the chronicles of a modeling baby,

Amylie, lost in Lyon and disgusted.


2 responses to “Indecent and ridiculous propositions on ModelMayhem

  1. It really would help serious models and photographers if there were an advertising site out there that held participants to some sort of standards! Sorry to say but you’re right that there are a lot of seriously questionable postings on Model Mayhem!

  2. wowwwww!! how awful !! what a weirdo, sick. yip us girls in the industry need to be careful nowadays!! i’m so glad you didnt do it!! visit my blog

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