Caution… drama queen alert!

I was searching the web for new material to write about – to be read: I was searching for casting calls – when I came across this article “Model Mayhem for the The Model ‘Ego'” on, a Fashion and Lifestyle website for women “5’5″ and under”. It’s dated October 2010, so maybe things have changed since then, but Model Mayhem is still being torn a new one… though for different reasons than in my previous posts.

But I don’t want to talk about Model Mayhem again: the website is what it is, you like it or you don’t. And if you don’t like it, just don’t sign up.

Drama QueenThe article raises an interesting point : ego. It’s one of those modeling clichés that are spread like wildfire by people magazine : models have oversized egos, and if you square that ego, times a million, then add a negative sign in front of it, you’ve got the value of their self-esteem.

This is not my opinion, but it’s what you hear all the time – that they’re divas, drama queens, and girls who throw hissy fits because the photographer didn’t say perfect after one of his shots.

You get the picture.

Now of course this is a wild exaggeration to prove my point. But during one of my photoshoots, for a brand just like in the example chosen by the article, I had to make the product look good and not distract the viewer’s attention from the boxer briefs portrayed in the picture. I’ll admit, I was slightly disappointed when I realized that my face would hardly be visible on any of the shots. But I got over it in a heartbeat and thought “well, it’s the job right?”.

Now I am a very “second degree” kind of girl, I like to joke around – say I’m highly offended when I’m not or fake-act the bitch (don’t hate me : in France it’s funny, I can’t be held accountable !). And I did during that same shoot. But when I jokingly replied “this work is beneath me, I can’t work in these conditions!” (in an exaggerated fake diva-ish voice) to the photographer when he asked me if I could hold up his flash for one of the pictures, I saw genuine fear in his eyes. The look that says “oh no… not another egotistical, diva model”. I quickly reassured him, said that I was kidding and that I would take a lot more to get me angry and the mood lightened up and the joke was carried out during the entire afternoon.

But it made me realize that some girls probably do act that way – not all, hold your fire there aspiring model! – during photoshoots, having hissy fits and whatever else divas do when their not happy.

Shot me if I ever become one of those! Please…

Stay tuned for the chronicles of a modeling baby,

Amylie, lost in Lyon.


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