Girls in men’s lingerie (part 1)

Finally, new pictures for the blog !

As I wrote about a week ago, I was given the opportunity to model for the new internet campaign of my employer: Dagobear, the parisian start-up in trendy masculine underwear. The official launch of that campaign hasn’t started yet, but they posted this morning a teaser announcement on their Facebook page (which you can check out by clicking here!).

Here’s a snapshot for you privileged few (I’m the one at the coffee machine):

Dagobear Facebook teaser

Ok – it’s not the most glamourous shot of me ever, but it was a nice experience and I got to keep the briefs ! Hope my boyfriend likes the color, ’cause this is his next gift… !

More pictures of the photoshoot to come, so…

Stay tuned for the chronicles of a modeling baby,

Amylie, lost in Lyon and still in men’s lingerie.


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