The Sunday rant of a modeling baby

Why do we model?

It’s Sunday morning, I’m slouching around in my PJs – doesn’t really scream model right?

I was looking over the last pictures I was sent – soon to be posted on the blog! – and I came across one of them where I am not posing, but I look bored, maybe sad. It got me thinking – I won’t explain my train of thought, too twisted and illogical – why do girls decide that they want to model? Or why does this modeling baby model? Because we all do it for different reasons, though some of them are recurrent. 

It basically comes down to these four reasons (not in order of importance):

1. Boredom: apart from my studies, I haven’t got much going on for me these days. Modeling allows me to get out and about, and also meet new people.

2. Talking points with my little sister: we’d never had much to talk about before, unless arguing is considered a form of conversation, and since she’s dabbled in modeling too, we now have something in common. It’s pretty nice to have a relationship with her now.

3. Feeling pretty: let’s be honest, if I’m not being paid and not getting famous for it, the pretty pictures are as good a motivation as it gets. And when the best compliment you’ve been getting these days from your boyfriend is “you look ok” – because your relationship is going down the crapper, so why should he try to make you feel good about yourself –  the pictures and the attention you get from them start to become damn important. Though it’s sad to admit.

4. Daddy issues: which girl doesn’t have any? My dad was quite the photographer, he would take zillions of pictures of me and my sisters during our holidays, or just about anytime really. He was the first photographer – albeit amateur – I ever posed for, took directions from, and criticized when I looked awful on a picture. Modeling sometimes makes me feel like I’ve got him back for a little moment and it’s also very therapeutic because I couldn’t stand to be in front of a camera after his death. I’m getting used to it again, although no one knew my good side like my daddy.

Before the photoshop... and before the sunscreen!

Before the photoshop… and before the sunscreen!

So that was the sappy issue of the month… I’ll be my fun and light, criticizing self by Monday. Hope I didn’t lose any readers to this post and…

Stay tuned for the chronicles of a modeling baby,

Amylie, lost in Lyon.


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