Girls in men’s lingerie (part 2) – with Dagobear

Women today have a wide selection of lingerie to pick and choose from: mix and match, fine materials or funky colors – take your pick. For our men however, the reign of boxers has been going on for far too long ! But can you blame them? There hardly are any brands who make decent looking briefs, and even boxer shorts tend to be made in boring colours that don’t even match the socks worn with them.

Dagobear is here to change that. Creating briefs and matching socks for you since 2011, Dagobear offers a wide selection of colorful and trendy briefs, and matching sock sets. Your man will look fabulous and surprise you in something else than the customary boxer short. The briefs are also sold with or with internal support for our mens’…. nether regions. Hang in there boys! Why don’t you check them out on their e-shop or Facebook page. They also have their very own Twitter account, if you want to know more about the Dagobear news!

Still not convinced? My friend Macha and I decided to try them out for ourselves – yes that is me hiding behind the pillow – to show you how they look on real live people.

 dagobear 2

dagobear 3dagobear 8dagobear 9dagobear 11dagobear 7dagobear 13dagobear 5dagobear 12

Models : Macha L. and yours truly
Photographe : Lionel Ripoll
MUA : Alissya Benhassine

Stay tuned for the chronicles of a modeling baby,

Amylie, lost in Lyon.


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