Wedding photoshoot in Paris (part 2)

Latest pictures from what was, and still is to this day, the photoshoot where I had the most fun ever – even though it was freezing cold and I was wearing a sleaveless dress, which was too long and that I needed to hike up to my knees everytime I wasn’t posing for the photos ! But who’s complaining? In reality, all those little quirks were totally worth it at the end of the day.

You can see the rest of the series in the first article posted a few weeks back if you missed it by clicking here. And now the pictures…

Parisweddingphotographer2Parisweddingphotographer5 not hd Parisweddingphotographer4

Photographer : Linda Scuizzato Fashion Photographer

MUA : Deborah

Models : Yours Truly and Baptiste

Stay tuned for the chronicles of a modeling baby,

Amylie, lost in Lyon.


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