Why so serious…?

So what have I been up to since I moved to Montpellier?

Well, I met some lovely people who let me stay with them until I found my own place and – you’ll never believe the coincidence – one of my roommates was a photographer ! A lovely welsh girl, who uses the name Emily Nomansland for her work.

One night, she went into a creative frenzy and pushed another girl and myself into her studio (A.K.A. : the basement) to model for her. Heavily made up and clad in the slinkiest dressed ever, I posed for two hours on wooden planks in the most uncomfortable of positions, in front of her flashing camera.

The pictures where not meant to be flattering or even pretty, but raw and… grundgy I guess. I loved it all : the terrible but ever-so comical work conditions, the attempt to create something different and the completely different style she gave me ! And of course I looked very lovely when we all went for drinks right after – but that’s just a bonus.

Here are a couple of the shots she took :

1 emily nomansland 2 emily nomansland 3 emily nomansland 4 emily nomansland 5 emily nomansland 6 emily nomansland 7 emily nomansland

Stay tuned for the chronicles of a modeling baby,

Amylie, grundgy and loving it !


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